Passports for German Citizens


General information

A passport of the Federal Republic of Germany on an atlas with a map of the USA.
Passport of the Federal Republic of Germany© picture alliance / dpa Themendie

Below please find the most important information for German citizens obtaining a German passport.

With effect of November 2007 fingerprints must be stored on a chip contained in German passports. This affects all passport applicants six years and older.

Every applicant is therefore required to apply in person.

For children below the age of 12 with German citizenship, a children’s passport may be issued instead of a regular passport.

Please consult the German Webpage for further information concerning the application of German passports and contact the Embassy for detailed clarification.

Information sheet

Travelling to or through South Africa with minors

Travel advisory with regard to children can be found on the German language website of the German Missions in South Africa.

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