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01.12.2017 - Article

A blocked account (limited‑withdrawal bank account) is usually used to ensure the financial security for the first year of a long-term-stay in Germany, e.g. students. In order to open a blocked account you need to find a suitable bank in Germany that offers blocked accounts.

Opening a limited-withdrawal bank account in Germany for students

With a limited‑withdrawal bank account (blocked account) you can provide evidence during the visa application process that you have adequate financial resources.

All foreign students or job seekers from non-EU countries are required to meet their own living costs when studying or hunting for a job in Germany. In order to enter Germany, non-EU students and job seekers also need a valid visa. This can only be issued once the student or job seeker has deposited a specified amount of money in a German bank account and blocked this sum with the Federal Republic of Germany as beneficiary.

There may be other purposes for a stay in Germany where opening a blocked account may be possible or even necessary prior to being granted a visa.

A certification of signature on the application forms for a blocked account may be mandatory before sending the application to the bank of your choice. In order to find out what specific requirements are needed you need to contact the bank of your choice.

A certification of signature can be done at the German Embassy in Lilongwe. The current fee of 20 Euros is payable in Malawian Kwacha depending on the current exchange rate.

A certification of a signature on an application form for a blocked account does not automatically guarantee that the application will be successful and that the blocked account will be opened. If the application is refused by the bank there can be no refund of the certification-fee.

The amount of money needed in order to ensure the financial security during your stay varies and depends on the purpose and length of your stay. Please contact either the immigration offices in Germany or the bank of your choice to find out the exact amount needed. In case you want to study usually you need to ensure financial security for the first year of your stay which currently sums up to 8,640.00€ (720.00€ per month).

We know of the following providers in Germany who currently offer limited‑withdrawal bank accounts for students:

Deutsche Bank

It may also be possible to open a limited‑withdrawal account with a bank in the town or city where you will be studying. To find out, contact the local bank directly.

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